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Todd Haynes. writers=Mario Correa. scores=23927 votes. Actors=Tim Robbins, Mark Ruffalo. Drama. 8,1 of 10. Level 1 The documentary about this is on Netflix. Titled “The Devil We Know. ” It is an excellent watch, albeit scary AF. level 2 I was confused for a moment because of all the promotional material for the supposed Nazi concentration camp guard but that's called "The Devil Next Door" level 2 Great doc, watched it on a cold winter day last year and it was really gripping. Pretty insane the things big business are able to get away with. level 1 Second time Mark Ruffalo went up against a Dupont level 2 Hopefully, it ends better for him this time... level 1 Anyone know what town this is set in? I lost my first wife to cancer and now am a cancer survivor myself, and I grew up in southeast Texas near many many DuPont plants. To say this film hits close to home is an understatement. Curious the actual town the movie portrays. level 2 Probably Parkersburg, West Virginia. It’s the town from the actual lawsuit level 2 Hello fellow SETX escapee! level 2 Two other comments mentioned it, but a combination between Cincinnati where Robert Bilott's (Mark Ruffalo) law firm is and Parkersburg, WV where the farmers and the main DuPont plant that was under investigation was. level 2 It was shot here in Cincinnati, so if it isn't actually Cincinnati, it used the town's locations to approximate a Bustling Metropolis on the cheap. The "downtown New York" shots in the first Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier were done in Cleveland, so pretty much anyplace is possible. level 2 Didn't Mark Ruffalo play a DuPont in Foxcatcher? level 2 Don’t forget Victor Garner, underrated actor that should be in more movies. level 2 From participant who brought you The Post That's a weird phrase to put in a trailer. level 1 Most interesting to me is that Todd Haynes of all people directed this, an unusual studio hire job for him. That alone has me interested enough in this. level 2 Safe dealt with environmental themes too, so I can see why Todd Haynes signed onto this even if it looks a lot more straight-forward and commercial than his other movies.

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4:12 shots fired Jeremy 😂🤣. This typo has distracted everybody from the film and message they are trying to present! This is one of the most important stories to be heard in our lifetime and action must be taken! Sadly it all boils down to money and how much corporations and greedy people can profit off of our lives.

Some of us saying this movie deserve at least winning 1 oscar but on the other hand some people disagree and think this movie disappointed.
I hope all of you who were watched this movie can help increase the awareness by share the point of this movie to the people all over the world about how pan can kill us, not everybody into to this kind of movie, so please share your experience from this movie.

Dark waters 2019 free online. Just came across your channel and I have to say this is a movie you are definitely on your way I will be definitely paying for the subcsription. Dark waters free online 2019. Go to Kickstarter, get your funding and make this into a movie. Dark waters full movie free online. Dark Waters free online casino. Watch dark waters free online. Watch dark waters 2019 free online. Dark waters free online. Why go to ireland when many of the largest pike in the world are caught in sweden and manitoba canada. Dark Waters free online games. As a film it wasn't executed in a particularly compelling way but it is a really important story.


Can we like crowd fund this? I would totally pitch in. This is one scary movie because it's something that stretched into recent times. and really happened. It's about self-regulation, big-business, medical disasters and cover-ups on a scale that just doesn't seem possible in today's world.
I had no idea this movie was about one of the most well-known brands in the world (that DuPont owns. and the terrible secret behind it. Since the name is not advertised in the previews, I won't spoil it here. but everyone has heard of it and. ugh. been somewhat contaminated by it.
This is not really an "action" movie. it's a bit of a slow-burn as developments take place over stretches of time. Mark Ruffalo's performance is fine. though it's fair to say there are other actors who could have put in more compelling and watchable performances.
I'd have to admit that if the movie wasn't about real events, it would be so-so. However, because it is based on actual events. you can't help but want to know how the movie unfolds.
While there are some unexplained issues relating to the main character's law firm and boss (who inexplicably seem to side with an underdog case. it's not enough to derail the story. because the main plot really did transpire.
It's a good movie to remind us that we're not as protected by our systems, institutions and government as we'd like to think.

It's nice story, but it's too long
no need for all the 2hours

Great show Dogmen are very real and I know for a fact what that howl can do to your fight or flight instinct... Dark waters free online streaming. Dark waters hd free online. Dark waters 2019 free online movie. Dark Waters free online. Stream dark waters free online. Who's here after Joker got most Oscar nominations of all movies.

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I love Christopher Plummer, should be a good one, can't wait ;0


Get your facts straight Jeremy. The baltic meets the northern sea, not the atlantic ocean... Watch dark waters online free. Jeremy wade dark waters free online. Dark waters (2003) free online.

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